Character Illustrations / Wallpapers / Banners / Icons / Animated .Gifs / & Misc.


Fully rendered Character Bust/portrait – $10

Fully rendered Character Full body – $20

Banner / Wallpaper – $50 (possible additional $ for heavy detail work)

Icons / small media images – $10 (possible discounts for bundles)

Small Animated .Gif – $40 (additional $ for more complicated animations)

Misc – … well depends on the request.


Bundle Deals !

I’m not sure on details yet, but basically… get more stuff.. and I’ll start discounting things. One specific idea in the works is a Full Twitch asset bundle, which would include: Banner, offline/online soon/icon/panels/buttons/stream notifications/ & ect. But I’ve not worked out any details yet.




E-mail your requests to with “commission request” as the subject line. Please include refs or simple descriptions of the character(s), and a description of what you want.


SFW commissions only, I will not be doing any NSWF material.

I’ll only be taking Paypal USD. Once we’ve confirmed the commission I will send you my paypal. After I’ve received payment, I will start the picture. Please make sure you send money VIA the ‘Goods and Services’ option with ‘No Address’

Please include the name linked to the paypal you’re using, so I can confirm you’ve sent your payment. And also include your URL in the e-mail so I may tag you once the commission is complete.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me!

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