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E-mail your requests to with “commission request” as the subject line. Please include refs or simple descriptions of the character(s), and a description of what you want.

In general I will draw any OC or fan art related stuff. I’m open to portraits, and game characters (video or RPGs).

SFW commissions only, I will not be doing any NSWF material (nothing hardcore anyway). There are also a few areas I’m not too confident drawing (such as mech/robot type stuff)

I’ll only be taking Paypal USD. Once we’ve confirmed the commission I will send you my paypal. After I’ve received payment, I will start the picture. Please make sure you send money VIA the ‘Goods and Services’ option with ‘No Address’

Please include the name linked to the paypal you’re using, so I can confirm you’ve sent your payment. And also include your URL in the e-mail so I may tag you once the commission is complete.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me!

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