About Me

My name is Groovy Sweet (or Mason Le Britton, if you want to be technical about it). I am a struggling cartoonist trying to get his life together. For a long time I thought I loved comics, movies, games, and television shows. But I have come to realize that It’s more than that, its the stories that I love. More than just reading, watching, playing stories, I love telling them. Most of my comic creating past has been making little comic strips, but I want to move forward and tell epic stories.

My History

While my actual work history is abysmal, my comic history is a bit more lively. In high school I joined the newspaper class, and drew little random comic strips for the monthly paper. At that point I began to plan a Comic strip by the name of Fried Bananas. While at Community College I joined the Commuter newspaper there, and brought Fried Bananas into the light of day. From February 2010 – February 2013 Fried Bananas ran weekly. (Give or take a few weeks, + summer breaks.) While I was working at The Commuter I also started a new comic, Gamer’s Log. Which started as a Video Game review in comic format. It has since turned into more of a play through Esq gaming comic. As I prepared to leave the paper and continue fully online, I debuted a new comic after ending Fried Bananas. The new comic The Adventures of Groovy Sweet, a comicized version of my everyday life, is still ongoing. For a long while it was a bi-weekly comic, but it started to be hard to keep up with. Around the same time I started TaoGS I started thinking of another comic project, a much bigger project heavy on storytelling. So over the summer of 2013 I began working on Project Kazzralohr, an expansive fantasy realm with a multitude of epic stories I hope to bring to life through graphic novels, and one-shot comics.


The Characters of The Adventures of Groovy Sweet

GroovysweetCharacterfullcolor copy

 Groovy Sweet is my comic persona, we are one and the same. However he does sometimes have slightly different adventures and experiences than I do.




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Archduke Longfellow




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Sir Darian Xanderal




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