Side Notes:

Yay Vacation ! That’s right, going up to Emerald City Comic Con Thursday and Friday. Working on a method of making little Groovy Sweet Adventure comics along the way.. Might have to be a bit more of a live action adventure. But … I’m going to be avoiding selfies, because I don’t like pictures of myself. And yes I’m going to be using Instagram to post them… but I should be able to share them to my twitter, and tumblr.. not so much here. So after I’ll make a post of all of the adventure in one place!



Just one of my most triumphant moments while playing For Honor, during the open beta.


 I went for a jog, in the first time in months (As I do), but before I went I installed an app to track my progress… the result was less then inspiring.  

It’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded anything here… But there have been a few comics!

Not many though…


This one was in the dead of winter, during work… just trying to keep warm.


My New Years Comic… as for those 2017 goals, So far so go- – well getting there.


And here is the latest comic… about me getting a new and Real Phone!!

I also got Instagram @groovy_sweet

So … yeah not a lot of comics so far this year (sad face), But I’m gonna try my best to make more, and more often!

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