Gamer’s Log: Legion (Pre-expansion patch)


Side Notes:

And Boom Two comics one day… How about Dem Apples !?

Sorry… So yeah I started playing WoW again. Now I might not be one of the Hardcore addicted players that lost years of their life to this game, but I have lost many months to it at times. There are a lot of nice things coming to the game with Legion, and well… I’ve got a lot of friends (mostly friends of friends) who are going to be playing… The PTR was free, so I jumped in to check out the class changes (it was the Hunter’s survival spec with a freaking Grappling hook that sold me). Hunter was really fun, Enhancement Shaman was fun, Warrior Tank and Fury were both really fun, and I honestly can’t remember what else I really tried.. Well there was paladin tank, but I hated it. After I reactivated my account I went through my characters and… while I don’t much like goblin, I just … got really tempted to make a goblin character.. I chose to make a rogue, and now I’m really excited to lvl him up and try out the Outlaw (Pirate) spec. Which Can have a grappling hook too!! why didn’t anyone tell me that !?  I’m also excited to try out Demon Hunter, though I can’t decide on male or female blood elf, or on a name. I just really wish they could have been Trolls, How awesome would they have looked?

I do other things… Like a big fantasy webcomic/graphic novel!

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The Chronicles of Kazzralohr!

My new Webcomic / Graphic novel series has begun with the first book ‘Pawn’s Quest‘.  A high fantasy series set on a world called Kazzralohr. The first book follows the adventures of a young boy by the name of Pawn.

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