A Brand New Year


Side Notes:

So yeah, my time away from comicing while working a bunch… didn’t go exactly as I had planned/hoped. Last year I worked about 8 hours every day at least, It was exhausting but the money was nice. This year however, they tried to cut back on helper hours… so I was lucky to work 5/6 hours a day. Sadly this means I didn’t come away with as much money as I really hoped to, but I still have enough to cover the new car I got from my friend. But I don’t have too much left over. (frowny face) I found myself with a lot more free time this time around then last year… and I wanted to work on comics and other stuff, but OH BOY did I get lazy! I basically spent my days just … watching star wars stuff, and other shows. At some point I should tell the story of me going to The Force Awakens Thursday Night. Maybe I’ll devote the next TAoGS to the tale.

My Goals and Plans… My comic making plans for the year are… well basically to continue doing what I do. The Idea of Streaming ‘Daily’. During October I did a daily draw thing, and I really liked it. and thought about doing those 30-day challenges more often. Then I thought it’d be nice to do a daily draw every morning, and that it would be neat to stream it. I’ve got a few ideas of fun things to do while streaming… but I really need to work out how to do things first. As for the running, I’ve liked running for a long time now, but I’m really bad at sticking to a schedule. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay focused and keep with it. Although I’m not sure how soon I’ll be able to start… The ding-dong-ditch temp job is rather leg intensive, and I’ve gone and wrecked my knee, and ankles a bit. So I’d like for them to recover a little more first.

Commissions open

You can help support me and get neat pictures at the same time! It’s a Win for everyone!

E-Mail: Groovysweetproductions@gmail.com

All the info can be found here!

The Chronicles of Kazzralohr!

My new Webcomic / Graphic novel series has begun with the first book ‘Pawn’s Quest‘.  A high fantasy series set on a world called Kazzralohr. The first book follows the adventures of a young boy by the name of Pawn.

Go Check it out over at  Kazzralohr.com

Two Kazzralohr One-shots are available now!

Tales From Kazzralohr: The Crimson Wraith and Shalgarren Forest Survey

You can get them here —>>> https://gumroad.com/groovysweet <<<—

Not Only Are they up for sale, But they are pay what you want. You can get them totally for free!

My Patreon has shifted to be specifically for The Chronicles of Kazzralohr, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still support me through it! 

 Patreon button


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