Half Pant


Side Notes:

I have lost another pair of pants, the pair in question has been slightly ragged for awhile now. But then the crotch ripped a little, and pretty soon the slightest movements would cause it to rip more. I had to wear a pair of shorts with the pair, and only wear them at home. But the pair of pants are far too gone now, there is essentially no crotch, the ass is gone, and right pant leg was barely hanging on (just the seam holding it). Going to need a new pair of pants, I think I know what I want for my birthday.

You can help me buy pants by requesting a commission!

Commissions open

That’s right I’ve opened commissions, now you can help support me and get neat pictures at the same time!

E-Mail: Groovysweetproductions@gmail.com

All the info can be found here!

The Chronicles of Kazzralohr!

My new Webcomic / Graphic novel series has begun with the first book ‘Pawn’s Quest‘.  A high fantasy series set on a world called Kazzralohr. The first book follows the adventures of a young boy by the name of Pawn.

Go Check it out over at  Kazzralohr.com

Two Kazzralohr One-shots are available now!

Tales From Kazzralohr: The Crimson Wraith and Shalgarren Forest Survey

You can get them here —>>> https://gumroad.com/groovysweet <<<—

Not Only Are they up for sale, But they are pay what you want. You can get them totally for free!

My Patreon has shifted to be specifically for The Chronicles of Kazzralohr, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still support me through it! 

 Patreon button


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