A Thumbs Curse


Side Notes:

Almost every time I’ve gone out to help with yard work or what have you… I injure my thumb. When it started my right hand thumb was cut in three places in three days. But on the fourth day… my left hand thumb was cut. The latest cut (seen above) is in the exact same spot as the very first cut, which seems kinda strange. I have helped outside more after this cut, and have come away unscathed.

Other things that have happened this week/last two weeks: I managed to get a job interview! but didn’t get hired. I watched Ant-man twice. I ate a super messy meatball sandwich. And I’ve been playing more GW2 lately, and been spending that time in World vs World. But the Big thing…. I Launched the other site for The Chronicles Of Kazzralohr!! The comic starts on the 28th next Tuesday!!! WHaaahoooooooo! 



PSSSTT!!! HEY LISTEN! Two Kazzralohr One-shots are available now!

Tales From Kazzralohr: The Crimson Wraith and Shalgarren Forest Survey

You can get them here —>>> https://gumroad.com/groovysweet <<<—

Not Only Are they up for sale, But they are pay what you want. You can get them totally for free!

My Patreon has shifted to be specifically for The Chronicles of Kazzralohr, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still support me through it! 

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