Project Kazzralohr: Update #6

PK Logo copyThe One Shot Progress

  • I have finished drawing the line work for pages 5-10 !
  • And I started going through and doing them in color, so far pages 5-8 and pretty much all good to go.
  • Once I finish up Page 10, I’ll be half way through the One Shot.
  • I have some planned reworking to do with the remaining ten pages, but that shouldn’t prove to be too difficult

2nd panel Demo

A Panel demo from one of the recently worked on pages.


Over All Progress on Project Kazzralohr

  •  I haven’t worked on the first installment of the major series for awhile, as I’m trying to focus my time on the One shot for now.
  • Once I have finished the One shot, I will likely start taking steps to begin actually working on the main story.
  • There are several side elements I need to work out still, world building things.
  • One of the main things is working out some of the written languages. Also I’ve been trying to decide if the ‘common’ language should be simply written in English, or something more fantasy. I have a rough draft of a common language, but would it be better for the audience to be able to read signs, or to have the immersion of seeing the world’s own language. I do like the idea of decoding signs seen in the background.


Advanced Update notes

Over on my Patreon for my few Patrons, the next Race Highlight will be added. So far I have Highlighted the Humans, and the Elves of Kazzralohr. This time around I Highlight the inventive Gnomes of Kazzralohr.

Speaking of Patreon…

If you love TAoGS, GL, or are exited to see Project Kazzralohr,

you can help support them and me, by pledging to my Patreon. 



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