Project Kazzralohr: Update #5

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Main Series

  • I haven’t done much work on chapter 11 yet. I’ve been focusing more on the one-shot comic.


One-shot progress

  • I’ve had some decent strides of progress. The first 4 pages are complete, aside from dropping in the dialog.
  • A big change occurred though. When I went back to the first page to finish it up and add the black and white values, I ran into issues with the characters.
  • I couldn’t get them looking right, so I tested out an idea of doing the characters in color with background in black and white. That didn’t seem to work as well as I hoped.
  • So I just decided to go with the flow and do it all in full color. Which seemed to go really well, and I felt more comfortable doing it in color.
  • After going with full color I somewhat blasted through coloring the pages I had done the linework for. Which gives me hope that maybe this One-shot comic wont take all of forever to finish. Just some of forever!

Single panel demo!


Additional Info / Project Kazzralohr Advanced Update

  • Over on my Patreon page for Urooken Merchant level patrons you’ll have:
  • Sneak Peek at the finished pages
  • Race Highlight on the Elves of Kazzralohr.



I am on Patreon! If you love TAoGS, GL, or are exited to see Project Kazzralohr,

and have money to spare you can help support them and me. 


Even if you can’t afford to pledge $ every month, I would greatly appreciate if you could help get the word out.




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