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Gamer’s Log: Bardbarian

Posted by groovysweet on May 14, 2014

GL-69-Bardbarian copy



Pssst….  I could really use a bit of money atm, (the whole trying to continue living thing). So I started a little Zazzle store, it’s not much but perhaps you can find something to your liking. I recommend a button, or post card.

If there happens to be a certain type of product you’d like to see, drop a comment below… or jump on the New facebook page  (It’s for all of the Groovy Sweet Productions)



Of course if by chance you’re super generous you could donate to me directly, sadly I can’t offer anything in return but immense gratitude and my thanks.

Donate Here



One Response to “Gamer’s Log: Bardbarian”

  1. Oh my God… you made a Sir Darian Xanderal shirt. I wish I didn’t want to buy that…

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