Gamer’s Log: Bardbarian

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Project Kazzralohr: Update #3

Main Series

  • The rough layouts for chapter nine were finished up Friday night.
  • My process of laying out the chapters has changed little by little as I’ve gone along, and my latest method seems to work well for me.  I have a detailed outline that I work from, I then convert to a step by step list. The list sets up the page moments, and allows me to get an idea of the flow through the chapter.
  • As I went worked through the pages I ended up doing a few on the fly changes and edits. Which resulted in a odd transition, that I plan to smooth out.


One-Shot Progress

  • The new script and outline of the story has been finished. The pages are sketched out, and I have started work on the final page work.  – – Side note, much happier with the way this story plays out now.
  • So far I’ve only touched the first page, which has it’s linework complete now. Unless I go back and change something.
  • The final work on the first page has taken a lot longer than I expected.I hoped that I could get through pages much faster.  Slightly regretting the fact that the story I went with has seven characters in a thick forest.
  • I thought about doing the one-shot in color, but opted to do it in grey scale values. I believe that will help speed up the process a little bit, or at least make it a little bit easier on me.
  • I think what I will be doing linework for a few pages, then going back and adding values to them. I’ve already worked on adding values to the first panel, mostly to figure out just what I was going to do.

PromoShot copy

First panel, might revisit it and touch up a few things.

  • I had to figure out how to actually draw a bird for that… thing took over four hours to draw. Stupid bird.


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