Project Kazzralohr: update #2

  • Just what am I aiming to do?

Project Kazzralohr is a comic series, set in a fantasy world named Kazzralohr. There will be a main series which will have an underlining theme that connects them together. The first of which is in development and features a young protagonist by the name of Pawn. The main series will be graphic novel sized adventures, which for the time being I hope to upload online for free a chapter at a time. Beyond the main series I will have One-shots, which will explore the world of Kazzralohr. These single stand alone stories will feature new characters, different parts of the world, different time periods in history, back-stories of characters seen in the main series, and more.


  • World Building

In order to breath life into the world of Kazzralohr I’ve been building things up slowly. Creating a history timeline, a world map, a basis for the different types of magic, gods, religions, societies, races, and other planes.  Just this last week I finally started hammering down the specifics of the world map. I had a rough idea of how I wanted things to take shape, but struggled getting it to look in scale.


  • Progress on Main Series 

I finished sketching out rough page layout for chapter 8 Monday night. The story is about a young boy named Pawn who joins in an epic quest along side a seasoned adventurer. They travel the land with a small group of adventurers, together they face many challenges, and Pawn learns what it takes to be a true hero.

This first major story in the world of Kazzralohr is an introduction into the world and will set the stage for whats to come. Considering how well received it is, will determine how much time and work I’ll be able to put forward for the future projects.


  • Progress of the first One-shot 

I hoped to begin the line work for the comic last week, but due to outside forces I wasn’t able to get much time to work on it. When I finally did, I wasn’t happy with the way it was looking. So I started thinking about how to better illustrate it. Then I started having a bigger issue, I wasn’t completely happy with the story itself. Last Sunday I started tweaking the rough script. So sadly the One-shot has hit a bit of a snag and will be delayed for awhile longer, but I believe it will be better for it.


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