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YAP animation



Instead of a comic this week (I’m not super lazy I swear…) here is an animation I made for The YA Publication Project. A video series by Jennifer Hartsock (also known as Sock in The Adventures of Groovy Sweet).

This was rather fun to work on, and I think I learned a lot from doing it. Plus I wouldn’t mind doing some animation/.gif commissions, but not quite to this extent. For now though … I just need to try and decided which project to put my time into.

Side note: I’ll try to get a new Gamer’s Log updated within the next few weeks.

YAP-Intro---complete YAP-Intro---Part-2

THE YA PUBLICATION PROJECT: Inspiring young adults to create and pursue writing, literature, and publishing.

http://jennifermhartsock.wordpress.com/yapublicationproject/ & https://www.youtube.com/user/jennifermhartsock


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