This Website is currently under some re-construction. – Don’t mind all the little notes to myself.- It will soon hopefully be a bit of a hub/gateway to all things Groovy Sweet. And the primary place for Commission info.

My Name is Groovy Sweet, I’m an Illustrator / Sequential Artist. I have a Fantasy Webcomic ‘Kazzralohr Chronicles’ that updates twice a week (Tuesday & Friday). On rare occasions I make little comic strips about my life, or about games.

Where to find me

Twitter – Tumblr – Instagram – Facebook – Twitch – Artstation (links forthcoming)


Currently Open!

What better way to support an artist, then to pay them to draw things you want?

Basic list of stuff I’ll draw: Character Illustrations, Fan-arts/OC’s/Role-playing Characters, Small .Gifs, Social media Icons, Wallpapers, Banners, and all the little bits and bobs to bring together your brand.

I am still working on all the fine details, such as my policies, and my prices. But I’m getting closer.


( Drop a collage of pieces )

Kazzralohr Chronicles

(Banner + synopsis)


If you’re interested in supporting me, and my art Then consider my Patreon! Currently Geared towards support of Kazzralohr Chronicles.

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